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A successful collaboration consist of capability. Global Limitless Solutions is able to efficiently provide a successful agile solution for your agency.

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A successful collaboration has a lot to do with compatibility. Global Limitless Solutions is compatible with agencies who are looking for PMO and business operation growth using an agile solutions.

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Aligned with your agency’s vision our team gives your vision life. Our mission is to help agencies achieve agility, optimize efficiencies and drive value.


The need to adapt to continuously changing requirements has brought about new challenges for government agencies. Global Limitless Solutions can help your government agency improve their PMO and business operations portfolio by transforming it into an agile center of excellence. With continuous delivery of value, improved performance, and streamlined processes. With effective cost saving strategies. Our highest priority is to satisfy our partners.

Business Challenges

Positioning your agency to:

  • Become more efficient and increase productivity
  • Business Operations’ adaptation to changes in information technology
  • Gain efficiencies through self organized teams
  • Accelerate implementation of processes and services
  • Ensure rapid transfer of agile expertise/knowledge
  • Have support through agile transformation
Why Global Limitless Solutions
Global Limitless Solutions specializes in business operations, while other project management firms focus on information technology. Using an agile approach, Global Limitless Solutions provides operation teams with the support they need to adapt to agile transformation, agile training, program and project management. Information Technology requirements are continuously changing, in order to be successful the business operation teams must adapt to the changes. Our expertise in agile methodology, business operations, information technology and project management uniquely qualifies us to provide the best industry standard agile solution for our partners.

We Have Limitless Solutions

According to recent statistics 81% of organizations say agile is the key characteristic of a successful business. Organizations that achieve higher agility have 60% higher speed to market, 59% faster innovation, 58% improved financial results and 57% improved employee moral. We help our partners with the transition and adaptation of agile values and principles by providing agile coaching, mentorship and creating an agile center of excellence.

Our goal is to help agencies create a high preforming culture with self-organized teams, agile fluency and growth mindset. We assist both business operations and information technology teams with this transformation. The goal is to create a culture of leadership.

Our agile transformation services include:

  • Agile Discovery
  • Agile Readiness Assessment

  • Agile Focused Education

  • Organizational Restructure Support
  • Product Owner Coaching

  • Leadership Engagement Workshops

  • Time Management Support

Global Limitless Solutions provides Scrum Master and Product Owner training as one certified course. Global Scrum Pro is a certification provided by Global Limitless Solutions upon successful completion of the course. Each class is trained by experienced Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owners, who bring years of expertise. We have professional trainers who have industry standard use cases to assist each learner.

In (3) days participants will gain knowledge of:

  • Agile Project Management

  • Scrum Methodology

  • Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities

  • Product Owner Roles and Responsibilities

Global Limitless Solutions also provides knowledge transfer to our partners’ training teams to adequately support their organization with subsequent trainings needs. 

Operations Program and Project Management Support

Global Limitless Solutions’ Program Management Operations (PMO) services focus on providing resources to support the successful completion of our partners’ projects. From project initiation to closing we participate in design sessions, work closely with product, technical and non-technical staff. We create and manage key project artifacts, provide status reports, post-project benefit analysis and warranty support. We assist in managing budget, scope and schedule along with risk management. We specialize in Scrum and Kanban. 

Our PMO services include:

  • Program Support
  • Risk Management

  • Issues Management

  • Schedule Management

  • Strategy Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • PMO Definition, Redesign and Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Requirements Governance

Global Limitless Solutions understand the importance of consulting. A collaboration between two entities with one common goal. A goal to increase efficiencies, improve revenue and achieve outstanding customer satisfaction. 

We help our partners eliminate wasted time, simply, and automate. We lead with transparency and assist our partners in achieving the maximum performance. 

We provide expert advice in the following areas:

  • Outsourcing

  • Restructure/Reorganization

  • Corporate Stratigies and Objectives

  • Employee Skilling
  • Process Redesign/improvements

  • Annual Planning
  • Strategic Alignment

Global Limitless Solutions offers expectational trainers and content developers who have a proven record of developing, structuring, and implementing curriculum/training. We effectively communicate complex ideas and theories in meaningful ways. We have content admins and tech writers to oversee, manage and develop professional content. 

The effectiveness of training provided to end-users and managers is a key factor of success. It is imperative that users understand the systems, tools and processes that impact their role. Global Limitless Solutions can easily develop, manage and deliver end user training.

Global Limitless Solutions supports agencies with:

  • Instructional Design

  • Curriculum Development

  • Training Delivery

  • Organizational Management

Global Limitless Solutions specializes in business operations and supporting organizational readiness teams with preparing for project implementations. Our goal is to look cross functionally to ensure that all lines of business are ready and prepared for the release of new software.

The most prepared organizations see the highest project success rate. We have Organizational Readiness Project Managers ready and equipped to provide the best results.  

We spearhead the following organization readiness activities: 

  • Scope, Budget and Risk Management

  • Requirement Management

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Status Reporting
  • Resource Management

  • Cross Functional Team Leadership
  • Liaison Support between business and IT
  • Organization Design
  • Cross Functional Alignment
  •  Program and Skill Development

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