GLS Presents the Mighty Legacy Group

Mighty Legacy Group

“There is greatness in your DNA. There is Purpose in every breath you take. You are perfectly and wonderfully made.”

We are Mighty?

Teaching women and girls how to live in their power. Guiding them to self-love, self-worth and self-realization. Our mission is to live with purpose and show others how to discover theirs. We strive to help break generational curses. We show women how to build a Mighty Legacy. It takes a village, and we are here to help you mend your family roots and manifest the future you desires.

Who do we Serve?

At Mighty Legacy Group we serve women of all shapes and sizes who desire to walk in their power. Queens determined to change their future and build a Mighty Legacy. We help women improve their relationships, build their knowledge and wealth. We are experienced in helping mothers with teenage girls looking to create a better bond and break blocks in communication.

Fall in Love with Our Services

Covid-19 has taken us all by surprise. It’s forcing us to adapt to the new normal. Moms are forced to be teachers while working from home. This is not an easy task. Our Mommy’s Little Helper Program provides a solution for moms who just don’t have the bandwidth to fully focus on helping their young child during the day with class work. We provide Virtual tutoring help. Your job should be providing a living. Let us help you get the school work done!

This course is aimed to provide financial literacy and economic wealth building for young teens ages 11 to 18. This course shows you how to start building credit, begin investing in stocks and introduction to ownership. Our introductory course, Build a Mighty Legacy, includes the subject matter not taught in a structured school setting that outline the knowledge you need to begin becoming a wealthy adult.

The Build Your Empire from Scratch bundle is intended for aspiring/new entrepreneurs who are looking to create a licensed, creative and flexible business. Learn how to start and operate a business using your intellect, existing resources and time. We focus on the areas of mindset, legitimacy, productivity and flexibility. The strategies in this bundle will help you invest and grow your future dreams.

Using her hurt and pain from life’s lessons, Chantae created a guide to self-love. The lessons life has taught her, have tremendous value. She is now using her hurt to show young women, that the love they are looking for is inside of them. In the book “I Choose Me” Chantae walks you through her tears and discovery of self-love. Along the way she guides you through your journey. Learn how to find yourself, love yourself and change your life.

our teaching team

Chantae Cowans

Head of Strategic Planning

A Strong willed CEO who leads with love and passion. Born to a teenage mom, Chantae too repeated the cycle. After learning life’s lessons and applying hard work and dedication, Chantae is now the owner of one of the fastest growing minority owned Project Management Consulting Firms. Chantae’s mission is to use her life’s lessons to break generational curses and help woman and children do the same!

Janiya Worley

Head of Youth Develoment

Mature and intelligent teenage entrepreneur, who has surpassed her fellow peers in a classroom setting. Janiya is an honeroll student leader who has a passion for teaching, leading and youth. She is a different kind of role model. One who encourages learning, studying, healing, and growth. She Modern and fly all in one! 

It is not to late to create a loving bond

Are you a parent struggling with your growing teen? We offer help!

Mighty Mentorship

Mighty Mentorship program was created to bring self-awarness to teens and parents struggling with creating a loving bond. The Mighty Mentorship helps with strategies to rebuild your bond. It's not to late, don't count your mother daughter relationship out!

We are here

We understand that sometime you just need someone to listen. Sometimes you just need a little guidance and help with approach. Let's talk about it. Your relationship with your child/mother depends on it.