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Virtual Assistance

Each child is provided with one-on-one virtual assistance during the school day. Your Mommy's Little Helper will assist your child with following their daily agenda, questions and help with class work.

knowledge retention

This "new normal" of virtual classrooms is causing loss of learning. Children are missing out on interaction and visual representations. Your Mommy's Little Helper is here to help your child focus on understanding and retaining their learnings.


Every child learns differently. We take pride in learning your child's learning technique and personality. Using what we learn we customize the learning schedule to your child's needs.

Daily Progress Reports

We know your child's progress is most important. We provide daily reports on work completed, child's behavior and understanding of school work. We build a relationship with your child and encourage learning and successful completion of work.

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Frequently asked questions

Ideal for parents that have virtual work assignments, with a 1st-3rd grader, who is now attending virtual schooling. Also intended for for single parents with no additional help during the day or parents with smaller children to attend to. Mommy’s little helper was also created for Parents who need to focus on other task and reclaim their time. If your child needs an extra push and encouragement to adjust to the new learning style, this may also be ideal for you. 

Mommy’s little Helper is not for parents who have time during the school day to help their child with school work. It is also not for, children who are independent learners or children who are adapting to virtual classrooms with no issues. If you have extra help with your child like, an older sibling or nanny this program may also not be ideal for you.

How any times a day is your work interrupted by your child constant questions about their school work? How many times a day do you stop what you are doing to guide your child through the virtual learning agenda they’ve been assigned? How often do you and your child miss turning in assignments because you just didn’t have enough time or patients to get it done? How many times have you refreshed your memory on a math problem or english vocabulary? If the answer to any of those questions is more than once, Mommies little helper is providing a solution. We give parents their time back. We are all getting used to this virtual learning thing but stay at home-working parents are having the roughest time adjusting. Let’s admit it, none of us signed up to work from home and be a teacher. 

Mommy’s Little Helpers are over achiving 6th-8th graders. Each Helper is proficient in current curriculim and subject matters taught in a structured school setting. Helpers are preforming above standard in their current grade level. Each helper has experience in tutoring and mentoring younger students. Mommy’s little helpers are qualified to assist your child with their virtual learning needs.

Each child is provided with their own personal Helper. We are flexible to your child’s needs. Parents have the ability to pick the time of day they would like the Mommies Little Helper to assist their child. The assigned Helper will review your child’s daily schedule and assignments the day prior. This allows the Helper to maximize the one-on-one time with your child. Virtual instructions will be provided to the parents. Once the Helper is connected with your child, Parents get to focus on their own tasks. You should expect for 65% of your child’s daily school work to be completed and reviewed during this time frame. 

If you or your child needs more time, attention or extended tutoring we are here to help you. Please call us at 1-800-704-6048 or email us at MightLegacyGroup@gmail.com for a consultation.

We are looking for more Helpers! If you are interested, please call us at 1-800-704-6048 or email us at MightLegacyGroup@gmail.com

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Our Parents say

"So, I found out that they wanted me to work from home, be productive, teach my child, sanitize everything, cook 3 times a day and wake up the next day to repeat. Week one was the hardest. I had a mental breakdown, that's when I found Mommy's Little Helpers. I couldn't be happier"
Mother of 1
"I am the biggest fan of Mommy's Little Helper. Having assistance with my 3rd grader during these uncertain times has helped me and my child stay focus. The distractions have decreased and my child is completing work before 5pm"
Mother of 2
"The 1st week my child was home, I thought I was going to die. I have 2 younger children, how was I suppose to focus on my 3rd grader all day? And to top it off she was made at me for Covid-19. My Helper saved my life and encouraged my child to see the positive in this new way of learning"
Mother of 3
""My whole world was flipped upside down when I was told that my child would be home for the remaining for the school year. I didn't know what to do. I had to be a teacher? I was so Impatient. my Helper made our lives so much smoother.
Mother of 2

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