find Self Love through my Tears

the Past Is An Illusion

So often, we live our lives in the past. We make present moves based on past emotion, hurt and pain. We act out of ego and pride. The same ego and pride that exist because of the past trauma. Most of us don't realize that the past is gone. Instead we will kill ourselves replaying the hurt and pain. There is nothing left in the past but lessons. The sooner you learn your lessons the sooner you can move along your journey.


Along my journey to self love, I've come to realize that God put a God in me. A creator that can diagnose the pain and fix itself. Pain is an indicator to the spirit that something is wrong. Pain alerts the spirit that something is malfunctioning. Often times we neglect, ignore and suppress the very things, that if fixed, could gravely benefit us on our journey to self love.

End of a cycle

Imagine being lost in the woods and seeing a fork in the road. You make a left. 30 minutes later you end up at the same fork in the road. Now imagine doing this for years, decades and generations. Repeating the same cycles over and over. It is not until you awaken and shine a light down the path to see clearly, that you can begin to put in the proper work. Shining the light on all of the things that were hidden and causing you to repeat your cycles.

I Choose ME

Along my journey I started to notice, that in all my lessons, I was doing myself a grave injustice. I sacrificed my wants and desires for sake of others. My loyalty to others continuosly led me down a path of self destruction. But then there was the day, that I vowed to myself to never allow another person's desires out weigh my discipline to choose myself. That day, I vowed to begin to choose me.

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For any woman who has found herself lost, struggling to find her way out of the hurt and the pain. For women who have been on a search for self love and have been failing miserably. For any woman who has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Ideal for mothers of teenage daughters, who want to break the generational cycles, learn and teach their daughters the way to self love. Also for women who don’t want their children to repeat their cycles. Women who are fighting anxiety, depression and insecurities. This book is for women who desire to choose themselves. 

Through my tears you will learn the many valuable lessons that I have learned along the way to self love. Some of the things we discuss are:

  • How to control anxiety and depression
  • How to create your identify
  • How to walk in your power
  • How to release the things that are no longer serving your highest good. 
  • What is self love and how to obtain it. 

And many more. 

I Choose Me was created to help you get out of your own way. To dare you to choose you!

Chantae is a phenomenal woman. A creator, encourager, mentor, motivator, life coach and professor in love. Born to a teenage mother and father she took the lessons in life to build herself and her legacy up from dust. Through her tears she has been called to help millions of women and girls fight their way through life’s challenges. Chantae is dedicated to help women heal, learn and grow. 

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